Frequently Asked Questions

This site is brand new and rough around the edges. You may encounter things like slow loading times (please be patient, the photos are worth the wait!) and difficulty uploading large photos. We are aware of these errors and are doing our best to fix it all.

How do I make my own 360° interactive photo?

You can make your own by clicking Upload in the top menu. There, you will be prompted to give your post a title and upload your image. For best quality, images should be panoramas (long photos) that are under 5000 pixels in length. If your image is larger than 2 mb, you may encounter difficulty uploading it.

How does it work?

First, you upload your photo to our server. Then, our technology stitches the photo together to create a 360° photo sphere. Through a unique user interface, you can drag to look all around the photo.

Why is my image not uploading?

Photos that are too large usually encounter difficulty when uploading. For best results, photos should be below 5000 pixels in length. If you have an iPhone panorama, please reduce the size of it before uploading to get it to work properly.

Why is my 360° interactive photo not loading?

Large photos may take a while to render, sometimes up to 30 seconds.

Please pass the time by opening up a new tab and browsing Facebook, petting your dog, or writing me a joke from the Contact section. Alternatively, you could check out my friend’s website at

Then come back to the tab with your image, and it should have loaded!